Display Rack / Stand Manufacturer

Zhong Ri Store Equipment, established in 1990, started by researching and developing store fixture parts and the efficient assembly. Later in 2004, it established manufacturing facilities to produce full equipment with the expertise in designs and layout of retail stores for customers. Based on customers' requirements, we can professionally design the most appropriate store fixture to fit the style of the store and best present customer's product imagines. We are now a key store equipment manufacturer in Taiwan with professional service of installation of store fixture, and we have earned the highest reputations for our excellent quality and services from some key retailing stores.

Modularization and customization, diversified raw materials

Zhong-Ri designs and produces modularized and reusable (environmentally-friendly) metallic display racks. Diversified raw materials add to the variety of metallic display racks which are already limited in their styles. With the aforementioned characteristics, one can save cost yet accomplish shop-opening plans quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, suitable products can be developed to suit the exclusive needs of individual customers.

Service, quality, integrity, and innovation

• Service-
Full Service of installation(and after-service). Proactively figure out issue and the solution to the customer

• Quality-
Strict quality control Management from raw material to every component to product

• Credibility-
We deliver what we have committed

• Innovation-
Following market trend to create techniques and design to meet customers’ requirements